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Signature Homes Art Scholarship

The Hoover Arts Alliance is pleased to announce that Signature Homes, in conjunction with the Hoover Arts Alliance, has established the ‘Signature Homes Art Scholarship’.  Two scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000.00, are awarded annually to a graduating senior at Hoover and Spain Park High Schools who will be majoring in art in college. A committee of the Hoover Arts Alliance will be taking applications for the scholarships.  E-mail info@hooverartsalliance.org to find information and criteria for applicants.


One of the Hoover Arts Alliance mission goals was to establish scholarships to encourage our youth to pursue the arts.  With the strong support of Signature Homes this vision has become a reality.



The Hoover Arts Alliance has awarded its 2010 scholarships to high school art students for the third year.  In partnership with Signature Homes a total of $ 3,000.00 worth of scholarship money was awarded to Hoover and Spain Park High School students.


Plans are being made to expand the 2011 scholarships to include the performing arts as well as the visual arts in the competition.  Watch for more details.