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The Hoover Arts Alliance has been recognized in the 2011 Hoover Magazine.   The magazine depicts many aspects of Hoover from the business community to the organizations that help make Hoover one of the most livable communities in America.  The magazine is distributed throughout the country to advertise what Hoover has to offer.


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The following Editorial should remind us how important it is to protect our historic buildings.  Hoover has only one public historic building: Bluff Park School at 571 Park Avenue.  The HAA has made it a priority to preserve this building.  Let us know if you are interested in participating.


Email us at info@hooverartsalliance.org


Birmingham News Editorial, January 20, 2011





Hoover Convention Center and Theater


Birmingham News, January 4, 2011





UAB Arts Center


Birmingham News, January 4, 2011